🌏 Putin and Modi highly praised the special privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India.

🌏 Modi invited Putin to visit India in 2025.

🌏 Russia and India acknowledged proposals for mediation and "good offices" aimed at peacefully resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

🌏 Putin and Modi called for the implementation of the UN resolution on a ceasefire and the immediate release of hostages in Gaza.

🌏 Russia and India will intensify efforts to establish a framework for equal and indivisible regional security.

🌏 Putin and Modi discussed the situation in Afghanistan and supported its establishment as an independent state.

🌏 Putin and Modi expressed confidence that the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan will be comprehensive and effective.

🌏 Russia and India called for UN Security Council reform to reflect modern global realities and make it more representative.

🌏 Russia supports India's candidacy for permanent membership in a reformed and expanded UN Security Council.

🌏 Putin and Modi emphasized the importance of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and called for a convention on combating cybercrime.

🌏 Putin and Modi condemned terrorist attacks, including those in "Crocus" and Dagestan, stating that terrorism has no religion or nationality.

🌏 Russia and India are ready to enhance investment cooperation in the Far East and the Arctic region.

🌏 Russia and India consider energy cooperation, including nuclear energy and oil refining, a priority.

🌏 Russia and India will develop a bilateral settlement system using national currencies.

🌏 Russia and India prioritize ensuring bilateral and international energy security.

🌏 Russia and India will strengthen cooperation in engineering, shipbuilding, and the space industry.

🌏 Russia will increase cargo turnover with India through the launch of new routes for the "North-South" corridor, the Northern Sea Route, and the Vladivostok-Chennai line.

🌏 Putin and Modi instructed the intergovernmental commission to study the identified priority areas of cooperation and assess the progress made.

🌏 Putin and Modi agreed to expand interaction between Russia and India in education, science, culture, tourism, and sports.

🌏 Relations between Russia and India continue to be an important pillar of global peace and stability in a multipolar world.

🌏 Putin and Modi agreed to make every effort to fully realize the potential of the strategic partnership between Russia and India.

🌏 Russia and India will continue interaction on key issues at G20, BRICS, and SCO platforms.

🌏 Russia and India are committed to increasing the number of joint military cooperation events and expanding military delegation exchanges.

🌏 Russia and India will continue consultations on aligning financial messaging transmission systems.

🌏 Putin and Modi agreed to work together to promote the Russian language in India and Indian languages in Russia.

🌏 Putin and Modi instructed to explore the possibility of negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EAEU and India.

🌏 India's presence in the UN Security Council provides an opportunity for coordination between Moscow and New Delhi on the most pressing issues of the UN agenda.

🌏 Moscow and New Delhi agreed to explore prospects for cooperation in the development, production, and use of rocket engines.

🌏 Russia expresses strong support for India's membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

🌏 Putin and Modi agreed to consider the possibility of concluding new long-term contracts in the energy trade sector.






Sources: News Agency - Officials